Spiritually vibrant. Intellectually honest.

Denver United is a diverse interdenominational church in the heart of the city focused on Jesus, the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit. We embrace Christ’s mandate to love God, love one another and serve the hopeless in Denver.


660 S Broadway, Denver, CO | Sundays 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am


Kick the tires. Peek through the windows.

Describe Denver United worship? Vibrant, energetic, eclectic. Most of all, immersive. Get a feel for it here. Our messages search whole Bible texts for eternal truth in light of culture and daily life. Watch one below. Need to know more? Want to get under the hood? Next Steps puts it all upfront in three casual lunch seminars on Sunday.


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Next Steps Track at Denver United

UNITEd Women

Across the city. Across the spectrum. One big family.

Call it what you want, a church is foremost a family. Life in the household of God is incredibly exciting when we all come together from across society’s divides in answer to Jesus’ prayer that we would be one. Young and old, rich and poor, brown and white, urban and suburban, family and single, Jesus’ followers are better together.

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United Women at Denver United Church
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Community is where faith grows and lives get strong.

As Jesus’ followers, we weren’t designed to go it alone. Relationships are the soil in which seeds of faith grow, and they take intentionality. Sometimes exhilarating, sometimes sharpening, often challenging, Christ community is the backbone of church. United Groups are where that community happens here, and there’s one of every shape and size. Find yours.

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Following Jesus is a choice to be others-focused.

Christ made clear that even he came not to be served but to serve. As his followers, giving ourselves away is not what we do but who we are–and we think it shouldn’t be hard to get started doing it. Through our marquis city outreach initiatives, hosting one another on Sunday mornings, loving our little ones, and building the kingdom through global missions, serving others is a click away.


Kingdom Kids Ministries at Denver United Church

Global Missions at Denver United Church