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United Kids Core Values

  1. God’s People- We value every individual child and leader. We know that each person is gifted and called by God in their own unique way and we strive to honor that treasure in them.
  2. God’s Purpose- We strive to do all things with a sense of purpose. Nothing we do should be done flippantly but full of intentionality.
  3. God’s Presence- We want the Holy Spirit to be present in all of our pursuits and we desire to be mindful of Him in all things.
  4. God’s Power- We pursue the demonstration and power of God in all aspects of ministry. That nothing would be done in our own strength but by the sufficiency of God’s great grace.
  5. God’s Principles- The Bible is the foundation that we build upon. All things must be centered in the truth of God’s Word.
  6. God’s Preparation- We want to be truly discipled by God and we desire to train and disciple others by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.