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The Core is the center, the essential part of anything. Our Core team is a group of incredible people who are embracing the call to love God’s family, discover their place and serve or lead within the Church. We believe the church flourishes in its purpose when faithful men and women collectively give their time, resources and gifts to love and serve.

“Our mission is to build the body of Christ together by using our gifts, resources and time to serve the Denver United family and build his kingdom.”

The heart of this team is so much more than just accomplishing a task. It’s about being part of a group that is growing and becoming more like Christ as we serve alongside each other.

Whether you’re new to the faith, or a seasoned church member, this team is a wonderful place for you to be encouraged and to grow in “the stewarding of God’s grace in its various forms (1 Peter 4:10 NIV).”


Step 1 – Choose A Team or a Leadership Opportunity

From coffee brewing to working with kids, from greeting to leading a small group, there’s an opportunity to serve here at Denver United. Click here for a list of serving and leading opportunities to get involved.

Step 2 – Apply Online

Click here to fill out our Service Team Application and a leader will be in touch with you.

Click here to fill out our Kids or Student Ministry Application and a leader will be in touch with you.

Click here to fill out our Group Leadership Application and our Groups Pastor will contact you.

Step 3 – Begin Serving

There are many roles to choose from, and the serving frequency is flexible based on your schedule. For more information on serving and leading, please contact Lyndsi Magana.