Something Amazing, I Guess

I’ve always loved the scene in Disney Pixar’s, The Incredibles, where Mr. Incredible lifts the car above his head only to see a stunned little boy on his tricycle popping bubblegum. Remember this one? If not, here it is.  Mr. Incredible asks loudly, “What are you waiting for?” To which the boy responds sheepishly, “I don’t know… something amazing, I guess….” Ah! So good. SOMETHING AMAZING, I GUESS Yes, this is exactly it. This is Advent. What are you waiting for? Well, truly, we are all waiting for the amazing to come into our lives. We all carry deep desires to see the impossible, the outstanding, the spellbinding, the incredible. We long for Jesus to restore all of the cosmos. I believe that amazing is on its way. Yet, I also believe it’s making its way among us already. I believe Advent-amazing is bursting through in every choice we make to give [...]

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Hope Building

Pastor Jared did a wonderful job Sunday leading us in the first week of advent on Hope. He posed this question: where does Jesus desire for me to receive his hope? I want to ponder the journey of hope building in our lives, as I know the Spirit is, or will, lead most of us down this road.    In the last few years, the Father has been reshaping and repositioning my understanding and placement of Hope. Life challenges have forced me to look despair in the face and ask the question, what belief and assured hope do I actually have? When comforts, securities and control are stripped from me, what hope can I cling to?     The earth shakes beneath me… The journey of hope building is a painful one. It starts with the removing or the crumbling of the things in which we have such great confidence. Areas like our health, family, and things in [...]

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