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Hungry Jesus

Matthew 4:2 “And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” Sometimes the Bible has a way of weaving together story and sentence that leads you to an unexpected and altogether holy revelation. Here is such a time: Jesus… he didn’t eat… for forty days and forty nights… and… He. Was. Hungry. HUNGRY JESUS To be honest, it makes me quite glad to engage with hungry Jesus because I can easily wrap my heart and mind around the experience of hunger. What is slightly more challenging is the truth that Jesus both surrendered to and chose this hunger. The text says, “He was led by the Spirit to the desert…” (Desert, not dessert. Remember, two “S’” for the sweet stuff.) But why is this challenging? Well, because when do I voluntarily surrender to the Spirit’s lead and choose the discomfort of hunger through fasting? Rarely. And sadly so. Here’s why: Whatever we see [...]

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Something Amazing, I Guess

I’ve always loved the scene in Disney Pixar’s, The Incredibles, where Mr. Incredible lifts the car above his head only to see a stunned little boy on his tricycle popping bubblegum. Remember this one? If not, here it is.  Mr. Incredible asks loudly, “What are you waiting for?” To which the boy responds sheepishly, “I don’t know… something amazing, I guess….” Ah! So good. SOMETHING AMAZING, I GUESS Yes, this is exactly it. This is Advent. What are you waiting for? Well, truly, we are all waiting for the amazing to come into our lives. We all carry deep desires to see the impossible, the outstanding, the spellbinding, the incredible. We long for Jesus to restore all of the cosmos. I believe that amazing is on its way. Yet, I also believe it’s making its way among us already. I believe Advent-amazing is bursting through in every choice we make to give [...]

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